Kong: Skull Island, the newest installment of the films centered around iconic giant ape King Kong, has dogs talking. With an all-star cast that includes Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, and John C. Reilly, the film explores human interference—a theme dogs can identify with. Skull Island turns the original film on its head: instead of King Kong breaking loose from captivity and destroying Manhattan, humans have invaded and are messing with an island Kong rules. Becoming trapped on Skull Island and facing a slew of dangerous animals, a group of scientists and soldiers soon realize the giant ape king is the least of their problems. Here’s what our esteemed group of doggy film critics took from the movie:

“King Kong is, like, the guard dog in us all. A real inspiration to protecting territory.” –Trudy, 6 (Doberman)

“Was it just me or is King Kong super cute? It was John C. Reilly and his beard that scared me!” –Maple, 10 (Chow Chow)

“I feel you, Kong. Human interference is a real issue. One time my owner stopped me from digging a hole right when I was about to find something good. A bone maybe! Humans don’t know when to buzz off.” –Captain Crunch, 4 (Beagle)

“Dude, if a group of science geeks walked onto my lawn, I’d bark my brains out. Maybe even bite someone. King Kong went easy on those trespassers.” –Biscuit, 5 (German Shepherd)

“Identified wholly with the human characters trapped on Skull Island as I am in the middle of crate training.” –Benji, 9 months (French Bulldog)

Seems like the dog community enjoyed Kong: Skull Island thoroughly. Hopefully this is the start of some more empathetic beasts on film.


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