Summit Public House
601 Summit Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

America is lacking in a few things:

A cap on portion size.
Affordable rail travel.
And pubs.

Not bars, mind you, but real pubs. Public houses. Places where kids can run around and dogs can run around and no one is doing a shot of Fireball, but everyone has a drink and if someone manages to get drunk, it’s because they’ve (understandably) been there all day. Places to catch up with neighbors without having to invite them into your house. Places where decent food is served, but never so good that there would be an influx of young people.

Fortunately, in the bowels of Capitol Hill, a near-equivalent stands, open-armed for anyone who a) is not a jerk; b) likes lots of beer; c) likes almost-Mexican food; and d) is a dog owner.

Meet Summit Public House: two glorious patios for the 14 days of sunshine that Seattle gets, and a dark-wooden, warm interior for the rest. Plates of tacos and tostadas for the humans, and free snacks for the pooch. As for the beer selection, you might be shocked to find that such a humble place has so many offerings, but any local will tell you that’s part of its charm. As for the crowd, forget what you think you know about the neighborhood. Inside are young professionals and couples, and not once did we see anyone order a drink that consisted of more than two ingredients, and nary a shot was in sight.

And as for the dogs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better play area, not to mention friendlier dog owners (is there even such a thing in Seattle?). Come early, stay late—Summit Public House calls for that sort of thing.

A good, dog friendly Seattle neighborhood bar with a true pub feel? We’re smitten.


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