Winter: that beautiful canvas that blankets all of the trials and tribulations of the year before. Hopes and dreams and holiday smells. Bad moods being put on hold and bad blood being thinned by cocktails and forgetfulness. It’s a magical, wonderful time.

Unless you’re a dog owner.

Then, all of a sudden, that chilly night in front of the fire and Perry Como turns into late night walks that never end in a quick poop and always with muddy paws. But alas, that dreadful time is coming to an end with the smell of spring in the air. Ah, yes, spring. The time of year when the snow melts, patio bars begin sweeping the decks, and you and Fido can dust off the ol’ Spotify and get back to jogging outdoors.

Behold! A few little ditties to get you in the spring spirit (and out of the house to shed those holiday love handles in anticipation for summer).

Next up: our summer Spotify mix. Got some suggestions? Send ‘em over!


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