Fremont Brewing Co.
1050 N. 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Has the Seattle beer game gotten a little full of itself? Why yes it has. Not since not ever attending a Supersonics game and then losing the Supersonics to a city that actually wants to watch sports have Seattleites had so much to say. We get it, you all do have great beer.

So when someone comes around and instead of forcing you to sit in a small bar and listen to someone else go on and on about hops or caramel or wheat or whatever they actually just want to see you enjoy a nice afternoon drinking lots of beers while your dog runs around, then you know what? We salute you. Fremont Brewing Company does just that.

A brewery and beer garden with over 90 beers on tap—90!—as well as a massive outdoor space peppered with picnic tables and friends-meeting-friends-saying-how-do-you-do-type-shit and dogs everywhere and what else do you need?

No food, save for the pretzels, which are tasty and free and probably going to do nothing to aid in the soaking up of delicious beers, nor stop you from getting wildly drunk and hoping your dog can lead you home.

(There are free apples as well, but only a bear would go to a beer garden for free apples and we haven’t been a bear since the last Love Parade in Berlin.)

But some of the beers are thick enough to be a meal and anyway, you have food at home.

So next time it’s sunny and you can’t be bothered to deal with all of the drama that comes from a dog park, check out Fremont.


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