You have a decent career job, friends who are good enough to throw back a few beers with on the weekends, and a nice home in a state you love. You may or may not be single, but it’s fine either way because there’s always Tinder. Yet, despite your apparent success, something’s missing. Ah! Yes, a dog. We’ve done our due diligence and found the perfect rescue dog for residents of all 50 states. And if you’re from Delaware, we’ve found the ideal dog for you.

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…Rat Terrier
Delaware was the first official state in America, so it’s fitting that any Delawarean in the market for a dog should get one that’s all-American. Many popular breeds in America, including Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Chow Chows, originate from other countries. There’s nothing wrong with that, but by getting a cool-as-hell Rat Terrier, you would be carrying on Delaware’s innate patriotism. Rat Terriers were bred in the states to serve a very particular purpose that we’re sure you can guess: killing vermin. Aside from ridding our lives of pesky company, Rat Terriers are also famous for being President Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite dogs. The 32nd President and known animal lover had Rat Terriers accompany him in the White House.

Rat Terriers are literally described as a “melting pot of breeds,” with a blend of Beagle, Whippet, and Greyhound included. How much more American can you get? With exuberant personalities, Rat Terriers are known for being funny and full of individual personality. They have senses of humor and are incapable of dull moments. Like all terriers, they have lots of energy, can be stubborn, and prone to escaping. They must be micro-chipped because, much like the original European settlers of Delaware, Rat Terriers are explorers at heart. They love their families but take time to warm up to new people. There is one major requirement to make sure your Rat Terrier contented: a backyard, which he or she will surely dig up. You could say they have a “this land is my land” mentality. America!

If you are a Delaware dog lover ready to get a Rat Terrier, here are some places where you can adopt.

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