Logan is the latest installment of Marvel’s X-Men series starring Hugh Jackman as Logan, aka Wolverine. Set in 2029, mutants are either in hiding or gone from the earth. Logan is among the former, driving taxis for petty cash in Mexico when he isn’t drinking his days away. He plans to live the rest of his life in this way until he is called to duty once more, tasked with bringing an extraordinary little girl to safety. What makes her so special? She exhibits the same mutant abilities as Logan himself. The film follows Logan’s journey to save the girl and fulfill his destiny as a hero. People are flocking to theaters for Logan, hailing it one of the best superhero movies this decade. Unlike many action films that abandon emotion for large-scale explosions, Logan is a heart-wrenching tearjerker.

Dogs don’t cry in the same way humans do, but does that affect their ability to enjoy an emotionally wrought film? Lets see what the film-loving dogs thought about Logan:

“As a show dog, Wolverine’s struggles with aging and mortality cut me deep.” –Soldier, 9 (German Shepherd)

“I was a stray in Mexico when my owner found me. I wonder how many mutants-in-hiding I was living among without even knowing it…” –Tiko, 6 (Mix)

“Loved. I am very protective of my young, too. I feel you, Logan!” –Lady, 8 (Cocker Spaniel)

Logan was cooooool! Wish my owner weren’t so OCD about cutting my nails.” –Fang, 3 (Great Dane)

“Great acting. I could tell Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen took time to observe canine behavior.” –Rolf, 12 (Collie)

Guess emotional epics aren’t lost on dogs after all. If your dog loved Logan, perhaps they would appreciate some of the more melancholy classics. We applaud any dog that has the attention span for Gone With the Wind.


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