Deschutes Brewery
210 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

In Portland, a few things reign supreme:

Beards. (Yes, still.)
Faux-eco. (NPR uses batteries for remote recordings, you guys.)
Overpriced donuts. (It’s fried dough.)
Waxing poetic about REI’s return policy (They secretly hate you.)
And Deschutes beer somehow escaping the anti-corporate scowls of some hipster who watched “V For Vendetta” once.

So what is it about Deschutes? They’ve gone massive. Everyone everywhere can upload a photo of their coveted Christmas Jubelale batch these days (well, except New York, where they won’t distribute). The city of Bend is no longer a secret and we’re guessing they’ve had at least one meeting with American Apparel re: a t-shirt line.

The answer is: Innovative beers brewed in great spaces with an fantastic staff that welcomes an amazing dog-owning clientele (they actually sell bottle-opener collars and leashes). Nowhere is that more apparent than in their dog friendly Portland brewery and pub in the Pearl District.

Stellar food—possibly one of the best brewery menus in the U.S., many items utilizing their own brews.
Stellar beer—over 26 rotating brews on tap, many of them experimental and seasonal. The mainstay Obsidian Stout alone is worth a visit from New York.
Stellar setting—downtown and just a couple of blocks from Powell’s, but a stumble away from the waterfront.
Stellar crowd—babies inside, doggies outside, nice people in both.

That’s it—a Portland algorithm for instant success.


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