Big Little Lies, the HBO miniseries based on a novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, has all the elements of an addicting show: murder, mystery, sex, and fabulous acting by some of Hollywood’s most iconic women. In Monterey, California, many of the show’s citizens have enormous wealth, fantastic public schools, stunning ocean views, and drama up to their diamond earring-laden ears. Big Little Lies opens with a crime scene: someone was murdered. Who’s the victim? You have to watch the entire series to solve that mystery. It centers around three friends, Maddie, Jane, and Celeste (played by Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Nicole Kidman, respectively), who have each other’s backs as they struggle in marriage, love, and motherhood.

We know people are raving about Big Little Lies, so let’s look down and see what our four-legged friends thought about the show:

“My mom forgets I exist every Sunday during Big Little Lies. That show sucks! I’m a bit biased I suppose.” –Moneypenny, 3 (Mix)

“My master’s always whining about how much my puppy school costs him. Why don’t we move to Monterey where schools are free and he can take a chill pill by the ocean?” –Jordy, 11 months (Dalmatian)

“If there were a dog version of Big Little Lies, Alexander Skarsgård’s character would be in the pound by now.” –Thumper, 11 (Pit Bull)

“The women in this series look ageless! Maybe I’ll head to Monterey for a facelift…” –Daisy, 7 (Shar-Pei)

“I know people say my wrinkles are cute, but after watching Big Little Lies, I second the facelift thing.” –Moppy, 6 (Basset Hound)

“Love the drama. I’m a show dog, what do you expect?” –Lady, 5 (Standard Poodle)

Looks like dogs are just as hooked as humans to all the drama that Big Little Lies serves up. When you decide to tell your dog that it’s only one season, we suggest you do so very gently and hide any pillows that could be chewed in grief.


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