WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

The explosively popular TV show and brainchild of writer and actress Lena Dunham, Girls just wrapped up its sixth and final season. For five years, viewers have followed Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna on their transitional journeys into adulthood. In this season, Jessa produces a movie, Marnie gets a divorce, Shoshanna has work anxieties, and, to everyone’s shock, Hannah becomes pregnant and plans on keeping the baby. With all the drama the Girls characters are going through, everyone is talking—even a few precocious dogs.

“If I had to choose a Girls character to own me, it would be Jessa. Only because her apartment looks like there’s food growing out of the walls.” –Nelson, 11 (Beagle)

“Has Hannah ever even owned a pet???” –Fluffernutter, 5 (Siberian Husky)

“I have no idea what profession Shoshanna should pursue either, but I do know she would thrive in a dog friendly office.” –Mimi, 8 (Jack Russell Terrier)

“Am writing this review remotely and am getting paid very little for my writing. I’m totally the Hannah of dogs.” –Penny, 3 (Mix)

“Marnie should adopt a dog and stop thinking about boys. They are all garbage, or so that’s what my owner says when she’s crying in the shower.” –Doyle, 4 (Dalmatian)

After investing in these four characters, witnessing all their victories and defeats, does the final season wrap up in a satisfying way for Girls fans? Going by the dog critiques, the characters remain flawed, frustrating, and fascinating. Just the way we’ve always liked them.


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