Teddy’s Bar & Grill
6 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Brunch has gotten a little out of control in Williamsburg. An hour-long wait for a plate of eggs? Come on! We’ve just finished a run (with our dog of course), and we’re too damn hungry to wait for all the lazy bums who just woke up and happened to get there before us. We need food now. Lucky for us, even the divey bars in Williamsburg may just be diamonds in the rough. Enter Teddy’s, happy to serve you good food when you need it most.

The 130-year-old dog friendly Williamsburg institution, on the corner of Berry Street and North 8th, is hard to miss with its elegant, old-timey stained glass windows. But many probably would pass by it in favor of a hipper brunch spot. Their loss is our gain. On a sunny day, those stained glass windows open to reveal a European-style eating experience, with tables on the sidewalk and tables just inside, shaded from the sun, and dogs with their water bowls happily enjoying the breeze under both.

The decor inside is unpretentious, with TVs over the bar tuned to the day’s sport. The food is surprisingly delicious, with just the right amount of dressing on a seemingly simple arugula salad, good pancakes with fresh fruit, and tasty egg sandwiches. And let’s not forget the Bloody Mary’s. Everything is just a step beyond simple, a twist to take it above standard pub food but not too far that it begs the upper end of Williamsburg prices.

Even better? Fido gets some treats from the waitstaff, too. Thank goodness, because he was starting to beg for a bite of ours.


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