PG-rated for “some mild rude humor,” The Boss Baby is about a suit-wearing, wheelin’ and dealin’ newborn boy. Said Boss Baby is voiced by the crowned king of Saturday Night Live guest appearances Alec Baldwin, with the cleverness to match. The latest animated feature concocted by DreamWorks takes a humorous look at how newborn babies impact a family, particularly the older children, via Boss Baby’s seven-year-old brother, Tim. The Boss Baby has received mixed reviews from the cynical human race, but perhaps humans lack the open-mindedness that dogs possess. The doggy critiques are in:

The Boss Baby emphasizes the importance of family, which is great. I wish I knew who my dad was.” –Jordy, 4 (Cocker Spaniel)

“This film gave me traumatic flashbacks of when my master yelled at me for chewing the new baby’s stuffed monkey.” –Dilbert, 7 (Golden Retriever)

“This movie is chock full of pop culture references, which were lost on me because, well, I can’t read.” –Bella, 8 (Pug)

“I love Lisa Kudrow as the mom. Jimmy Kimmel voicing the dad, on the other hand, threw me for a loop. I hate the way he treats that nice Boston boy Matt Damon.” –Puffy, 9 (Shih Tzu)

“That baby is so rude! He’s never going to win Best in Show with that demeanor.” –Steffy, 2 (Miniature Poodle)

Maybe our dogs are just like Boss Baby—they change our households and are a huge responsibility, but a source of love that makes them worth the work. Whether or not you enjoy the movie, your dog will probably have a lot to say about it.


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