Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza
1400 Irving Street NW
Washington, DC 20010

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza boldly makes this promise to its customers: You will always feel welcome in their home. For dog-owners and dog-lovers alike, there is only one way this statement could be true and that’s if this joint allows dogs. And it does! On the patios of all their locations at least, but spring has sprung and Pete’s outdoor areas are the perfect spot to enjoy great food and partake in a bit of people-watching. Sitting indoors, dogless, should be saved for the harsh months of winter, anyway.

You may have a few questions about Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza off the bat, such as, what is New Haven-style pizza? Or, why is it spelled “Apizza?” New Haven-style is a thin-crusted, Neapolitan pizza hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, and it’s pronounced “Ah-Beets,” which is the way the New Haven locals have always referred to it.

Pete’s serves as both a gourmet Italian restaurant and neighborhood beer and pizza joint. They keep it local, with a warm, recurring cast of patrons from the area. They also use all local ingredients, ensuring high quality. Though there are four dog friendly DC-area locations now (Columbia Heights, Friendship Heights, Arlington, VA, and Silver Spring, MD), Pete’s is not a chain! Don’t you dare get it twisted. It is owned and managed by two couples and one individual, all of whom have been in the Washington, DC restaurant biz for a long time.

Though this local eatery is classic and delicious and meant for humans, we’re sure you won’t get in trouble if a piece of perfectly charred crust accidentally lands right in front of your dog’s snout. Fido will probably thank you.


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