Cafe Saint-Ex
1847 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your dog’s name. We hear you loud and clear. We’ll never underestimate the need for a great neighborhood spot—where the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is chill, and, most importantly, it’s located close to home. Dog friendly Cafe Saint-Ex in Logan Circle is a Washington DC favorite, with lovely outdoor seating that welcomes four-legged patrons. Its French-inspired bistro dining is locally sourced—they truly are all about staying in the neighborhood. We can certainly identify with that.

Named for The Little Prince author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Cafe Saint-Ex’s interior, with its vintage aviation decor, will transport you to the French countryside. Its charm extends to the staff, all of whom are knowledgeable and friendly. The fancy cocktails rival the meticulously curated beer list, making a beverage decision near impossible. What to eat? We suggest a tasty starter followed by one of the pastas made in-house, and of course the steak-frites will truly make you feel like you’re in France.

If nighttime falls and your dog wants to get his daily 12-14 hours of beauty sleep, ditch the pooch and enjoy Cafe Saint-Ex’s downstairs bar. Catch a relaxed meal with friends in a chill atmosphere and enjoy the live events that include DJ sets and comedy shows. But good luck explaining to your dog the next day why he wasn’t invited to his favorite neighborhood spot.


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