2401 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20037

For the DC foodie, going out for a five star meal often means leaving your dog behind. We have good news. At Marcel’s, the upscale destination for lovers of intricate French-Belgian fare, dogs are allowed on the patio. That’s right, dog friendly DC extends to haute cuisine, too. Enjoying Marcel’s outdoor area will be quite enough to satisfy your pup, giving her major bragging rights for her next trip to doggy daycare. You, on the other hand are in for the real treat.

Named by the Washington Post as one of the 100 Very Best Restaurants, Marcel’s is rather distinct in its menu style, as it is a prix-fixe meal based on the number of courses you desire, from four to the recommended seven. After you decide how many courses you want, you’ll next be asked to select the items themselves from eight different sections on the awe-inspiring menu and the order in which they come. A server informed a Washington Post food critic that “you can start with dessert.” Good to know! The menu changes daily, but here are some things that might catch your eye: Lobster caviar, salmon en croûte, boudin blanc showered in truffles, Colorado elk loin, and more. Way more, friends.

Marcel’s has also received acclaim for its wine service program, as well as its three-course, pre-theater menu, which includes executive car service to the Kennedy Center on time for curtain call. Fun fact: staff are called cast members.

For your purposes, though, perhaps having a world class meal without leaving your dog behind like Kevin McCallister is occasion enough.


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