You have a decent career job, friends who are good enough to throw back a few beers with on the weekends, and a nice home in a state you love. You may or may not be single, but it’s fine either way because there’s always Tinder. Yet, despite your apparent success, there’s something missing. Ah! Yes, a dog. We’ve done our due diligence and found the perfect rescue dog for residents of all 50 states. This week, we’re singing an ode to Odie in Indiana.

* * *

Indiana is not just “The Crossroads of America.” It’s also home to the lazy, cynical, lasagna loving cartoon cat, Garfield. If you want to show your pride for famous Indiana animals, but don’t fancy yourself a cat person, add an Odie to your home. Odie is the comedic foil to old Garfield. He’s the lovable, affectionate, blissfully happy Beagle that brightened your Sunday comic strips and is a perfect representation of Beagles as a whole. No need to wait impatiently for weekend comics. Known for having hilarious personalities, a Beagle will give your reasons to laugh every single day.

It also goes without saying that Indiana is a huge sports state. It’s considered the motorsports capital (ever heard of the Indy 500?) and has produced the most NBA basketball players of any state in the country. With a rich sports history, Indiana Hoosiers love cheering on their teams. Beagles possess the same loyalty and can hang with loud, cheering fans young and old. They might even show them a thing or two about howling. But do watch the game time snacks around these dogs—they are extremely food motivated and have no qualms stealing snacks.

And if you want a break from Sports Center to get active yourself, a Beagle is a great outdoor companion. They have tons of energy, are extremely playful, and typically social—making them a perfect companion for the sporty Indiana household. Here are a few places where you can adopt your very own Odie.

Indiana Beagle Rescue Resources:
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