1299 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Let us start by saying we waited two and a half hours for a seat at Plow. In the San Francisco fog. Uphill both ways.

Was it worth it?

Yes. Every minute.

They did tell us the wait was an hour and a half, max. And once you’ve waited that long, you’re too committed to bail out. The “we must be next” syndrome kicks in. But after one bite of the prosciutto and gruyere toast, we forgave their poor estimation skills. Two grapefruit mimosas and a plate of lemon ricotta pancakes later and we pretty much forgot about it.

Perched on Potrero Hill, you’ll find this unassuming corner cafe adorned with an inviting yellow door. The bustling interior blankets you with the comfort of grandma’s kitchen, but has the chic of Lauren Conrad’s pre-pregnancy Instagram feed. Modern, but not too modern. All while bumping Lil Jon…because The Bay.

But you won’t be sitting inside with Fido. Rather, the two of you will enjoy a sidewalk seat in the friendly neighborhood. Bonus: they offer blankets to patrons outside. So, grab your Patagonia and the leash and stroll on down to Plow for some brunch you’ll never forget.

Get there after 10 AM on the weekend and add your name to the 10-page waitlist. If you just can’t wait that long for your morning caffeine fix, walk down the street to Farley’s and grab a cup to go ‘cause baby you’re gonna be waiting a while. Or, save yourself the trouble and go on a weekday instead. Either way, it’ll be worth it. Trust us.


Erika Fitzgerald

A native Californian and New Yorker at heart, Erika’s love for dogs and travel led her to waggle. As waggle’s Editor in Chief, Erika oversees all editorial content and social media channels. She has a degree in English and years of experience working with both major global brands and startups.