Ah, summer. Long days, hot nights—well, in most of the country. We know you want to spend as much time out in the world with your pup as possible before hibernation begins again (even though in San Francisco it’s pretty much the same temperature all year-round), so each week, we’re bringing you the hottest summer spots to chill with your dog—and maybe enjoy a nice, cold glass of reprieve in that most expensive city of yours.

Park Chow
Bright, airy, brunchy. Get here early enough to snag a table for you and Fido and plan on staying awhile. Drinks come fast, food comes slow, but that’s okay because, again, the drinks come fast. Eggs Benedict and one of the rosés will do you just fine. Again, get here early.

Park Chalet
For such a French name, you sure do get the feeling you’re in your English grandmother’s sunroom. Their vast selection of home-brewed beers makes up for their boasting of their “New American fare” which, as we all know, just means it has some sort of Vietnamese spice in it. Right at the western edge of Golden Gate Park, fantastic views of the water.

Monk’s Kettle
This might just be the best dog friendly spot in all of the city. Flemish food and Belgian beer—some of which can be very hard to find. Haters will comment on how small it is and how pricey it is, but come on, you live in a 40X40 apartment for $25,000 a month.

Rogue Ales Public House
A chain? We know, we know, after swearing never-ever to promote them. But it’s Rogue, you guys. Probably the reason West Coast brewing is what it is today. And it’s dog friendly. And they have all the Rogues. Go and get drunk enough to forget you’re in a chain.

Presidio Picnic
Is there any place more San Francisco than this on a sunny Sunday afternoon? It’s like the Breakfast Club for adults. You’ll walk by the yoga groups in their Lululemon, the frisbee-throwers with their constant need for snacks, and the vegan clique that always seems kind of tired. Bring your pup, eat at one of the numerous food trucks and enjoy being alive.


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