Since our friends at the MTA banned dogs who don’t fit comfortably in “containers,” we’ve seen some pretty inventive solutions on NYC subways. In fact, the folks behind the dog ban clearly failed to realize just how many dogs do, in fact, fit in bags.

While we love the ingenuity that went into repurposing this big, blue IKEA bag, there’s a far more stylish way to get your dog on the subway without technically breaking the rules.

Enter City Gypsy, the perfect alternative to that bulky, makeshift dog carrier you’ve been hauling around the underground. The compact design folds down to six by seven inches—about the size of an iPad mini—yet expands to accommodate small dogs.

“The City Gypsy wristlet carrier was born out of my own frustrations and limitations with standard pet carriers,” explains City Gypsy founder, Laura Torres. “Whether running around NYC or traveling to a distant destination, the thought of using the traditional bulky carrier filled me with dread. As a result, I often had to rethink the places and establishments I ventured to with my fur baby.”

Seriously, you shouldn’t have to choose between bringing your dog or living free and spontaneously. You work hard and you deserve to have it all, with your best friend by your side.

Whether you’re taking the subway, hopping on the bus, or hailing a taxi to your favorite summer hangout spot, this versatile pet carrier can go anywhere. You can even use it as a wristlet or clip it to your belt or purse once your four-legged friend is once again free to roam about on his or her own…well, four legs.

“The need for a compact, portable carrier really hit home when I was running into a subway station and an officer stopped me to say I’d be fined $150 for boarding without a carrier,” Laura recalls. “I thought there must be a way to have all the accessories I needed, but in a more chic and dog friendly package.” And so City Gypsy was born, inspired by the spontaneity and uniqueness of city life.

City Gypsy carriers are compact (so they don’t clutter your closet-sized Manhattan apartment), eco-friendly, machine washable, and fully loaded with a zippered pocket for your personal items, poop bag dispenser, treat pocket, d-rings for leash storage, wrist and shoulder straps, and multiple window options to accommodate your dog’s various moods.

So go ahead, put the IKEA bag down and head on over to City Gypsy’s Indiegogo campaign to help dogs everywhere travel more stylishly. As an early supporter, you can get a City Gypsy pet carrier for $150—which is a hell of a lot better than the $150 fine you’ll pay for sneaking Fido onto the subway, sans carrier. Even if you don’t need a carrier, you can show your support with a custom donation. Might we suggest you donate the amount you’d normally spend on that Venti Mocha Frappuccino this week? A plain coffee works just as well.

Not sure you’re ready to throw the cash down just yet? We get it—we’ve also spent our rent money on one too many cocktails in the city. You can still share the word and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest product updates.



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