Ah, summer. Long days, hot nights—very hot. And very humid, if you’re in Atlanta. But we know you want to spend as much time out in the world with your pup as possible before hibernation begins again, so each week, we’re bringing you the hottest summer spots to chill with your dog—and enjoy a nice, cold glass of reprieve. Here are our top five for Hotlanta in 2017.

Opa! What more do you need than a big back patio, café lights, a Zorba-like owner, heaps and heaps of wine, all in a dog friendly environment? How about some serious Mediterranean food to cap it all off with, then? Word of warning: days turn into nights turn into dear-god-how-did-I-get-so-drunk. So keep eating.

Joe’s on Juniper
Effing fabulous, darling. That’s what Joe’s on Juniper should be called. Winning awards for best looking bar staff AND best bar snacks (according to David Magazine), this funky little demon with a killer patio welcomes you and your dog with open arms (and minds).

Georgia Beer Garden
If size really didn’t matter, then explain why the city collectively lost their shit over the new patio extension at the dog friendly Georgia Beer Garden. Think thrice the size, and now thrice the fun, with a booze list that goes on for days—as will your continually canceled plans.

Flip Flops
There’s a trashy side to all of us. Fortunately, places like Flip Flops keep you drunk (and your pooch hydrated) enough to enjoy it. Ignore the frat boys when you first walk in and make your way to the patio. Then order something with an umbrella in it.

Der Biergarten
You know what Der Biergarten translates to in English? It’s “Great place to get day-drunk on big beers and still feel cultural.” You’re going to as well, hashtagging all of your Instagram photos with “ja” and “das boot.” Just make sure to bring your dog, especially if it’s a Dachshund, so you can make all those all those very appropriate jokes.

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