Ah, summer. Long days, hot nights. We know you want to spend as much time out in the world with your pup as possible before hibernation (or the ski season) begins again, so each week, we’re bringing you the hottest summer spots to chill with your dog—and enjoy a nice, cold glass of reprieve while you contemplate your next REI purchase or plan your next awesome hike. Behold, our top five for Denver in 2017.

Black Shirt Brewing Company
This brewery boasts some damn fine red ale and some damn fine live music to boot. Throw in a dog friendly back patio and you’ve got everything you could possibly need for summer. Oh yeah, and pizza—new since our 2016 review. You know, for that hunger you (for some reason) can’t seem to shake since you moved here.

Scooping since ’76, the city’s quirky and delicious ice cream shack has gone from a favorite of children to a favorite of all ages. Offering something for every crowd—even vegans—as well as plenty of iced waters for the four-legged crowd.

Upslope Brewing
OK, so it’s in Boulder, but we had to add it. People are talking about this microbrewery in the same hushed tones they talked about Haley Joel Osment after The Sixth Sense. One of those oh-man-this-thing-is-gonna-be-big conversations people who wear glasses like to have. But the rumors seem true: Upslope is taking off. Pro tip: Sit outside with a Brown Ale.

Kaos Pizzeria
When you get into the award-winning patio game, you know you’re onto something. But that’s just one of the numerous things that Kaos does right. The others are, in no particular order: pizza, beer, staff, décor, dog friendliness, beer.

Serving “sandwiches, booze, and a slice of life,” SubCulture prides itself on doing things well. Nothing jaw-dropping, but nothing that escapes the owner’s fastidious eye either. Great for a mid-walk snack.

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