Ah, summer. Long days, warm-ish nights. We know you want to spend as much time out in the world with your pup as possible before hibernation begins again, so each week, we’re bringing you the hottest summer spots to chill with your dog—and enjoy a nice, cold glass of reprieve. Here are our top five for you Seattleites to enjoy those 11 or so days of nice weather.

King’s Hardware
We’ve already gushed over anything Linda Derschang touches—as has all of the city —but something about King’s Hardware makes us feel like we’re properly in the Pacific Northwest. The almost-Lynchian décor, the cozy smell of firewood, the pints and pints of microbrews being tipped over, and the gorgeous back deck filled with happy puppies make this our absolute favorite spot in Seattle.

The Dray
Sometimes, you don’t want a bar. You want a restaurant that doesn’t feel like a restaurant that you can also get drunk in. Enter: The Dray. Cozy, tasty, dog friendly and more than enough to get your afternoon buzz on.

Pacific Inn Pub
We don’t know whether to say “Poor Pacific Inn Pub” or “Brilliant Pacific Inn Pub.” Somehow escaping the tourist influx but still making the best fish ’n’ chips on the West Coast and serving many a tasty beer, all while allowing dogs both in and outside, let’s go with “brilliant.” Just don’t tell too many people.

While we’re not yet up on the “neighborhood pub” thing as a country just yet, joints like Norm’s are getting us pretty damn close. American fare, but with a little effort; trivia night, but not loud; beer, but without too many drunks. And just wild about dogs.

Fremont Brewing Company
A brewery and beer garden with over 90 beers on tap—90!—as well as a massive outdoor space peppered with picnic tables and friends-meeting-friends and dogs running free while you drink said beers and what else do you need? A hop skip and a jump from Pacific Inn Pub.


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