Ah, summer. Long days, hot nights. We know you want to spend as much time out in the world with your pup as possible before hibernation begins again, so each week, we’re bringing you the hottest summer spots to chill with your dog—and enjoy a nice, cold glass of reprieve. Here are some shady places for you Johnny Cash fans who insist on wearing black even though it’s hot hot hot in Nashville.

While it might seem like torture to take Fido to a BBQ bar, trust that the dog-loving + most-likely-drunk crowd here will be throwing him all sorts of scraps, leaving you time to soak up their great patio and expansive beer menu.

City Fire
At first glance, you might not think the fancy folks of City Fire would allow your dog anywhere near their pristine grounds. But fortunately, they’re as fun and free as they are fancy and love nothing more than a handful of well-behaved pups outside on their patio. Best for long afternoons.

Chago’s Cantina
We all love to get a little wasted from time to time and Chago’s is the best spot for it. Big open area, spicy snacks, strong beautiful drinks, and a crowd that’ll make you and your dog feel right at…erm, casa.

We didn’t want to like answer. because we already subscribe to both wallpaper* and AFAR (what is it with hipsters and proper capitalization?!), but if you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot with shockingly down-to-earth food, strong cocktails, and a dog friendly environment, look no further.

Fat Bottom Brewing
Here’s why we like Fat Bottom Brewing: They didn’t try to use the décor to make you feel like you’re in a bar. No, you’re in a brewery. Granted, it’s done well, but they’re both upfront about why they’re/you’re there, and what’s going to go down. And that’s drinking some phenomenal local beer. Great.

Anything we miss? Have a favorite you’d like to see on this list? Get to emailing us then.


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