550 19th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112

If you know Seattle, we could sum up this place in five words and you’ll be making an immediate drive over:

“Dog friendly, from Linda Derschang.”

The dog friendly you already know.
You might not yet know the city’s matriarch, Linda.

As in, Linda of Linda’s Tavern.
Linda of Oddfellows.
Linda of Little Oddfellows.
Linda of Smith.
And Linda of King’s Hardware.

Think we’re just listing the coolest spots to eat and drink in Seattle? We are. But they’re all brought to you by Linda herself.

And Tallulah’s, named after her daughter, is no different.

It’s been called everything from “Every neighborhood’s dream restaurant” by Zagat, to “Innovative” by the always thin-lipped Thrillist.

They can now add one more highly-(ahem)-respected critic to their tear sheet.

Us. Saying, “perhaps this is the archetype to which all healthy, dog friendly cafes should aspire.”

Bright, cheery, friendly, open, well-lit, well-designed, and dog friendly. A menu for both you and Fido that’s so good you’ll weirdly wish you’d order what he was eating. Add to that the niceties of the Capitol Hill crowd (no “Seattle Freeze” on this corner, thank you) and you’ve got five stars. High marks. Take a bow.


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