You have a decent career job, friends who are good enough to throw back a few beers with on the weekends, and a nice home in a state you love. You may or may not be single, but it’s fine either way because there’s always Tinder. Yet, despite your apparent success, there’s something missing. Ah! Yes, a dog. We’ve done our due diligence and found the perfect rescue dog for residents of all 50 states. This week, we’re saving Missourians some time in the state where the  drive-thru window was invented by suggesting the perfect slow and easy dog.

* * *

If you hail from Missouri, you hail from the state that proudly invented the drive-thru window, the bread slicer, and is home to both the world’s largest rocking chair and the world’s largest segway track. The takeaway? Missourians love a good time-saver. So let us save you some time in your dog search and suggest adopting a Bulldog.

The mighty Bulldog would appreciate the minutes saved not having to enter fast food joints or cut bread and spend those extra minutes taking a nap. It would happily lounge on a giant rocking chair. And it’s safe to say that if Bulldogs could operate a segway, it would be their go-to mode of transportation. Bulldogs will stubbornly halt walks that feel too long or rigorous, loving the slow and easy lifestyle.

Bulldogs are best known for their wrinkly, squeezably adorable flat faces and short, stout bodies. Personality-wise, they are as sweet as cotton candy, Dr. Pepper, and a waffle cone (all treats invented in Missouri). They bond strongly with their human families and are great with children. Bulldogs love to play, upholding the playful tradition of Missouri, which hosted the first Olympics ever held in the United States.

If this sounds like the right dog for you, here are some places where you can find Missouri Bulldogs looking for homes.

Missouri Bulldog Rescue Resources:
St. Louis English Bulldog Rescue
KC English Bulldog Rescue
Bulldog Rescue Network
Missouri Bulldog Rescue


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