Neighbors of Sylvan Park
4425 Murphy Road
Nashville, TN 37209

At first glance, Neighbors does not impress. Call it the lack of pizzazz that the rest of Nashville, “the new Austin / Seattle / Portland,” is putting into the very sizable bet that those predictions ring true. It’s not crummy by any means, but it’s far from unique. One quick click on the website shows a lack of artistic direction (as well as photo pixel size, for that reason). However, it’s who’s inside that makes this a strong contender for top dog friendly bars in Nashville.

Things you’ll have to ignore:

  • The menu. If you follow the rule of “never eat at a place that serves two types of cuisine” you’re gonna go hungry here. Mexican and BBQ? Nope. At least, not sober.
  • The staff. It’s take it or leave it, feast or famine, dry spell or monsoon.
  • It’s in a touristy part of town, but you’re probably a tourist, so we’ll forgive everyone involved.

Things that will keep you coming back:

  • It’s not just dog friendly, it’s dog friendly people as well. You’ll hear more dog voices (people talking to dogs, that is, or this would be the headliner) than person voices. We like that. In fact, let’s have more of that.
  • Cheap pitchers of beer. Really cheap.
  • The patio. While we’re usually not fans of them being placed in the front of bars, it works.

We’re not going to mind if it’s not your thang. In fact, we’ve been there twice and only loved it half of the time. But there’s something about it that keeps it in business, and it’s not tourists.

It might be the talking dogs.




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