The Thin Man
2015 E 17th Ave
Denver, CO 80206

To be frank, we’re all too happy to see the hipsters of Williamsburg flee the high cost of rent that their parents are paying for the now-legal utopia of dog friendly Denver. And so the irony of this review is that we’re praising a great bar that basically belongs in Brooklyn—which you should visit because there probably won’t be anyone from Brooklyn in it (they’re all at Western Union awaiting a wire transfer from their Airbnb back in Brooklyn that their parents are still paying for).

But seriously—the Thin Man is a Brooklyn bar.

An L-shaped bar longer than our wait for the L train here.
An interior design your mother would describe as “funky.”
A lot of mediocre microbrews on tap that sell well ‘cause their label was designed by MGMT or someone.
The bartender responds to tips.
The bartender does not respond to anything else.
German food is served—of course.
The cocktail menu looks like it was sponsored by a company called “infused.”
It can get loud.

But—and this is the important part—like the real Brooklyn bars in NYC, the Thin Man isn’t just dog friendly, it’s dog demanding. Should you have a dog and it be discovered that you have a dog and you did not bring said dog into the bar, you’ll probably not get good service. Dogs are basically required if you wanna hang with the cool kids.

Which is cool with us.


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