You have a decent career job, friends who are good enough to throw back a few beers with on the weekends, and a nice home in a state you love. You may or may not be single, but it’s fine either way because there’s always Tinder. Yet, despite your apparent success, there’s something missing. Ah! Yes, a dog. We’ve done our due diligence and found the perfect rescue dog for residents of all 50 states. This week, we’ve got a dog for you Pennsylvanians that exudes brotherly love.

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…Bernese Mountain Dog
Pennsylvania really knows how to host a killer convention. Representatives of the original 13 American colonies convened in Philadelphia to unify and declare independence from England in 1776. Next was the U.S. Constitutional Convention in 1787 where, you guessed it, the Constitution was ratified. Today, Pennsylvania hosts the world’s largest Furry Convention. It’s also home to the largest population of Amish, a culture that works together for the function of their community. The perfect Pennsylvanian dog would have to have brotherly love and work well with others. We suggest the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are super friendly worker dogs. Because of their sweet, mild temperament, they are very easy to collaborate with. The Bernese Mountain Dog is easy to train because it truly wants to please and work with you. They get along with both humans and other animals alike, exuding the brotherly love on which Pennsylvania runs.

Going on a family outing? The Bernese Mountain Dog wants in and will love the outdoor adventures that Pennsylvania has to offer, from mountainous hikes to lake dips. Though not averse to cities, Bernese Mountain Dogs are no stranger to farms, originally bred to herd, guard and transport goods to town. These dogs are perfect for the rural Pennsylvanian.

If you’re ready to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog, here are some helpful links to get your search going.

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