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If you operate a retail garden center/nursery, this is a great opportunity to get shoppers in the spirit by coming up with a creative Christmas display. Here are some examples of past garden center displays we’ve come across. Receive 20% off all merchandise – including ornaments, apparel, houseplants, poinsettias, gifts, and indoor pottery. Stepping into the 14,000 sq ft area is like entering a magical winter wonderland, which features everything from beautiful baubles to huge light-up snowmen.

Research vendors and products, and only attend shows that are critical to your organization’s needs. Many holiday manufacturers exhibit at the main gift shows, and if you are really heavy into Christmas, you may want to consider one of the Christmas shows, such as the New York toy show. We regularly attend shows in New York, Atlanta and Dallas. Include a Santa’s Grotto area for children to visit with their parents. This was always a highlight of any visit at Christmas when I was a child and adds to the charm of a beautifully decorated store. If you don’t have someone who can fill the role of Santa there are plenty of services online to help you out.

These plants look great indoors and you can plant them outdoors after the Christmas season. They are long-lasting, meaning they’ll continue to light up your backyard with a gorgeous pop of color. If you operate a retail garden center or nursery, this is a great opportunity to get shoppers in the spirit by coming up with a creative seasonal holiday display.

We may have some walk-in tickets available on a given night, depending on crowds. The face value of the ticket is $2 more expensive than online to offset those service fees. To avoid disappointment if we run out, please purchase tickets online ahead of time. Admission does not include any merchandise in our gift shop, a Christmas tree, etc.

Colonial Gardens is your one-stop holiday shop for all things Christmas. We have over 1000 fresh cut Tuincentrum kerstshow during the Christmas season in a variety of sizes and species. After the holidays, we offer a $20 gift certificate rebate when you bring your tree back to be recycled.

Adorning your trees and plants with Christmas lighting, garlands, bows, and other glittery elements is a sure way to create a winter wonderland! To keep things festive day and night, wrap some LED lighting and lanterns around their trunks and foliage to stay in the holiday spirit no matter the time of day. On busy nights, our staff will help you find a parking space. From there, you will proceed either through our breezeway, or down the nearest path that takes you behind the main store. Find the check-in table so that your tickets can be scanned and you can receive directions and re-entry information. The check-in table is the only valid way into the light show.

Fichetola also flocks wreaths and even grave blankets, as many customers want matching colors for their holiday décor. The flower shop entices customers with a full line of fresh poinsettias and other holiday plants. The storefront is transformed in late November with Christmas trees, roping and wreaths.

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