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Present a resilient case for protection – Having their work and personal life under observation will make some executives displeased. A way to entice an executive into accepting protection is by having them do a Google search of themselves. This search shows how much information someone can pull up on them and their families. The CEO’s prominence is one factor that plays into this, as a highly prominent business leader is more at risk from “persons of interest” precisely due to his or her notoriety.

Hiring unlicensed, uninsured protection services, including those offered by off-duty law enforcement officers, creates direct liability for the client. And of course it’s not just high risk employees or executives who can benefit from Executive protection programs. Executive protection tips can help keep high profile employees safer in-house from other kinds of danger, like active shooter attacks or hostage taking situations. Whether your team uses an actual service or you’re just sticking to a basic executive protection checklist for physical and cybersecurity threats, it is smart to apply this kind of proactive safety and security planning throughout the organization. Constellis provides executive protection services for high profile individuals to ensure their safety and prevent security issues.

Proactively monitor threats and keep principals safe at the office, at home, or on-the-go. Ontic’s purpose-built software helps executive protection teams see around corners and proactively manage threats. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, crisis preparedness can also create a substantial competitive advantage for organizations. Protecting executives, information, and assets with actionable intelligence can be a part of ensuring any organization is not only prepared for a crisis when it occurs, but is also actively taking steps to prevent crisis situations. For executive protection and other private security professionals, successfully implementing real-time intelligence tools as part of a larger executive protection program can be an invaluable step in the process. Many organizations recognize their “duty of care” toward executives – the legal obligations that arise due to that person’s service within the company and any accompanying threats – and implement an executive protection program to meet those obligations.

There’s also the fact that certain cultures and religions prefer that women and children don’t spend time with men outside their family. Nonetheless, female agents are just as qualified and capable as their male counterparts to keep you and your family safe from malicious threats. Although executive protection is predominantly a male-dominated profession, some individuals prefer to have female protection agents instead. For starters, they attract less attention since they very rarely match their male counterparts’ size and physique. When selecting a business to provide executive protection, it is important to ensure that they can provide all this information, are following state laws, and are regulated.

The “monthly fair market value” of such benefits shall be equal to the monthly cost to the Employee as if the Employee elected COBRA continuation coverage at the level of coverage in effect at such time for the Employee and the Employee’s dependents at their own expense. Learn more about the principles of executive protection and what it means to be an executive protection officer. It typically involves covertly protecting business locations involved in a labour dispute. Much of what was discussed above can be used to offer protection in labour disputes. I understand that ISA Academy® under no circumstances is liable for accidents or loss of any personal possessions, which may happen during attendance of the BTP training program.

Hyperion Black Card levels start at $50,000 and are all-inclusive by mission tier offering the most capable and flexible security service in the world. Choose between a fixed-term contract option or pre-purchase your security with our flexible Hyperion Black Card service. Security Advanced Patrol and detailed site visits, including security sweeping of venues. To learn more about ESS Global Executive Protection and VIP Protection, contact us today.

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